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Vintage Stitches Patterns for Teenagers

We offer a wide selection of baby patterns for your stitching delight. We have sewing patterns for teenagers both boys and girls many out of date and interesting patterns for the teenager. We offer a wide array of patterns for knitting and crocheting as well as some interesting quilting and cross-stitch patterns.

Step back in time with Timeless Treasure Trunk and explore the beautiful vintage designs in our wide array of patterns. Make something today to make a fashion statement for your teenager.

Beehive Sumer Sizzlers
Cute Summer Sweaters
TKP01 $4.00


Beehive Bright and Beautiful
Summer Sweaters to knit
TKP02 $4.00

2 Available

Beehive The Look of Summer
Summer Sweaters to Knit
TKP03 $4.00

Patons Canadiana Styles
Sweaters for boys and girls
TKP04 $4.00


Beehive Off to School
Cute Sweaters to Knit
TKP05 $4.00

Beehive Sunshine Knits
Assortment of Sweaters
TKP06 $4.00

Beehive Designs
Sweaters, jackets, scarfs, hats
TKP07 $4.00

BeehiveWarm Weather Knits
Cute summer sweaters
TKP08 $4.00

Beehive Great Ideas
Assortment of Sweaters
TPK09 $4.00

Patons For 2-12 Years
Sweaters for kids
TKP10 $4.00


Beehive Easy to Knit
Knit, Crochet Sweaters
TKP11 $4.00

Beehive Children's Fashions
Assortment of Patterns
TKP12 $4.00


Patons Children's Classics
9 Simple To Knit Designs
TKP10 $4.00

Raglans for Children 8 Classic Designs

TKP11 $4.00

Beehive 437 Super Sweaters
Assortment of Patterns
TKP12 $4.00

Patons Gloves and Mitts
Large assortment of patterns
TKP13 $4.00

Beehive Mitts Socks , Gloves
Assortment of Patterns
TKP14 $4.00


Patons Fair Isle Patterns
Assortment of Patterns
TKP15 $4.00


Patons Hats Scarves Bags
Assortment of Patterns.
TKP16 $4.00

Beehive Family Knitting Book
Large Assortment Patterns
TKP17 $6.00

Patons Machine Knitting
Assortment of Patterns
TKP18 $6.00

White Buffalo The Canadia Yarn Child's Cardigan or Pullover Sizes 2-14

TKP19 $3.00

King Patterns Fancy Knitted Chldren's Mittens

TKP20 $3.00


Sweaters and Vests for Children 7 Classic Designs for sizes 4 to 14

TKP21 $3.00

Assortment of Slippers.
TCP01 $4.00

Large Assortment Slippers
TCP02 $6.00

Knit and Crochet Children
Assortment of Patterns
TCP03 $5.00

Patons 148
Assortment of Gifts and Accessories to Knit and Crochet
TCP04 $4.00

Leisure Arts Leaflet 110
Mittens and GLoves to Knit and Crochet
TCP05 $4.00


Annies Attic
Crochet Hats for Kids
TCP06 $4.00

Leisure Arts Crocheted Slippers for Women and Children Nice Designs
TCP07 $4.00

Leisure Arts Slippers to Knit and Crochet
TCP08 $4.00