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Vintage Men's Knitting Patterns

Various Men's Knitting Pattern Books


Vintage Stitches Men's Patterns

We offer a wide selection of patterns for men. We offer a wide array of patterns for knitting including some vintage knitting pattern books for men.

Step back in time with Timeless Treasure Trunk and explore the beautiful vintage designs in our wide array of patterns. Make something today to make a lasting memory for that special man in your life.

Hand Knit Socks by Beehive
MKP1 $8.00
Patons Socks by Beehive
MKP2 $4.00

2 Available

Leisure Arts Knitted Raglans for Men 7 Classic Designs
MKP3 $5.00
Beehive Knitted Wear For men 1940's
Assorted Men's Pattern
MKP4 $10.00

Beehive Sock Styles
Sock Patterns
MKP5 $8.00
Hand Knit Socks By Beehive Series no 37
Men's Sock Patterns
MKP6 $8.00


Socks By Beehive
Sock Patterns
MKP7 $8.00

Patons Tops Socks
Assorted Patterns
MKP8 $4.00

Monarch Hand Knit Sock Book
Assorted Patterns
MKP9 $8.00
Patons 432
Assorted Patterns
MKP10 $4.00
Monarch Hand Knit Sock Book No 101 cover taped
Assorted Patterns
MKP11 $6.00
Patons Classic Styles
Assorted Patterns
MKP12 $4.00

Patons 105
Assorted Patterns
MKP13 $4.00
Patons Raglans
Assorted Patterns
MKP14 $4.00
Patons Classics 136
Assorted Patterns
MKP15 $4.00
Patons Socks Gloves
Assorted Patterns
MKP16 $4.00


Patons Family Knitting Book 221
Assorted Patterns
MKP17 $4.00


The Sweater Set
Sweater Pattern
Bulk Sweaters
Sweater Pattern
MKP19 $3.00
Cable Knit Sweater
Sweater Pattern
MKP20 $3.00


Knit and Crochet
Assorted Patterns
MKP21 $3.00


Patons Back to Basics
Assorted Patterns
MKP22 $8.00
Patons Love Knits
Sweater Patterns 518
MKP23 $3.00
Beehive Knitted Wear for Men
43 Pages Patterns Assorted
MKP24 $8.00


Beehive Book 91
Mens Socks and Vests
MKP26 $5.00