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Vintage Stitches Doll and Toy Patterns

We offer a wide selection of patterns for doll and toys. We have sewing patterns for Vintage Barbie Doll Patterns as well as many out of date and retro patterns for other doll clothes and toy making . We offer a wide array of patterns for crocheting dolls and doll clothes as well as some collectible doll magazines.

Step back in time with Timeless Treasure Trunk and explore the beautiful vintage designs in our wide array of patterns. Make something today to make a lasting memory for that special doll.

If you are ordering more than one pattern at a time the shipping costs may not be accurate. Once you have ordered the patterns, we will promptly refund excess shipping back to you. For more information visit our Customer Care Pages.

Pattern Codes: PC - Partially Cut NC -Not Cut C- Cut

Cinnamon Suzie

Dolls1 $4.00


Dolls New and OLd You Can Make

Doll2 $5.00


Butterick 6725
Care Bears C
Doll3 $6.00
Anne Dougal's Collectable Dolls
Doll4 $5.00

Simplicity 8466
Barbie Clothes C
Doll5 $8.00

Cradle Creations Soft Sculpture Baby Dolls
Doll6 $5.00


Xavier Roberts Little people Pals

Doll7 $5.00


Butterick 226
Cltohes 16" Doll NC
Doll8 $3.00

Foster Children Soft Sculpture Dolls The ELfins
Doll9 $5.00
Mini Moppers Twenty Seven Delightful Mop Dolls
Carriers for Dolls PC
Doll10 $5.00
How To Make Sock Toys

Doll11 $5.00
Luv N Stuff
Santa and Mrs Santa NC
Doll12 $3.00

Hearthside Dolls
Mom and Baby NC
Doll13 $3.00

McCall's Crafts 826
Doll14 $3.00
All Cooped Up
7 Rolly Polly Dolls NC
Doll15 $3.00
Butterick 3510 Learning Doll and Transfer 24" Tall NC

Doll16 $3.00

More Sock TOys You Can Make By Pack o Fun Publications

Doll13a $5.00
Kids Can Easy Crafts
Doll14a $4.00
12 Cothespin Clollector Dolls To Make. Wardrobe Patterns for 12 Countries
Doll15a $5.00
Patterns Susie Outfit Fits a 22" Doll NC

Doll16a $3.00

Sock TOys and Dolls 16 playful Projects with full size patterns
Doll17 $5.00
Simplicity 0607 Decorative Stuffed Reindeer and Bear with Clothes NC
Doll18 $3.00
McCall's 7701 Cow, Turkey, Pig, Snowman Decorative Welcomes
Doll19 $3.00

2 Available

Cotton Ginny's Chicken in a Bonnet NC
Doll20 $3.00


Vintage Clark's and J&P Coats Easy to Sew Toys

Doll21 $8.00
Doll22 $3.00
Spool Babies
Doll23 $3.00


Toliet Tissue and Air Freshner Covers NC
Doll24 $3.00


Living Dolls

Doll25 $5.00

McCall's 4275 Crafts
Cows and ClothesNC
Doll26 $3.00
Pinch and Sew Character Dolls

Doll27 $3.00
Easy Desiigner Gathered Wreaths ducks, swan and clothes for 16 inch doll

Doll28 $3.00


Size: 3 Sizes NC
Doll29 $3.00


McCall's Crafts 7403
Doll30 $3.00
Cow Broom Cover
Doll31 $3.00
Simplicity 8899
Simple to Sew Stuffed Animals C
Doll32 $3.00

Butterick 6237
Cat Dolls NC
Doll33 $3.00

McCall's Bunnies, Babies, Bears To Create From Socks
Doll34 $3.00
McCall's Crafts 6907
Carol's Zoo Easy C
Doll35 $3.00
MCCall's Creates Kitchen Cats
Doll 36 $3.00
Sew Special
Bear In a Wreath NC
Doll37 $3.00
Sew Special
Dog Door Draft Dodger NC
Doll38 $3.00
Coats and Clark's Book No 151

Doll Wardrobe

Doll39 $3.00

Simplicity Pattern 8203 Decorative Dinosaur In Two Sizes with Clothes
Doll40 $3.00

Doll Collector Price Guide
Winter 1992
Doll Collector Price Guide
Summer 1995
Doll42 $3.00
Doll Collector Price Guide
Autumn 1995
Doll43 $3.00
Doll Collector Price Guide
Autumn 1992
Doll44 $3.00
Simplicity Crafts 7549
Simplicity Crafts 9375
Doll46 $3.00
St. Nick Trio
Doll47 $3.00

Patons Dolly Daydream Doll's Knitting Pattern: Over 20 designs - including a complete fashion doll wardrobe

Doll48 $6.00


Father Christmas A Country Friends Collection

Pocket Size Teddy Bears

Doll50 $5.00
Cabbage Patch Kids Pattern 6509

Doll51 $5.00

Scented Sweeties I
Crocheted Dresses For Air Freshner Doll
DollC1 $3.00


Crochet Celebrations
DollC2 $5.00
Crocheted Favorites and Originals of Jessie Abularach Volume 4

DollC3 $5.00

3 Available

Crocheted Favorites and Originals of Jessie Abularach Volume 6

DollC4 $5.00

2 Available

American Needlework Crocheted Petting Zoo Patterns

DollC5 $4.00

Original Crocheted Playthings
16 Patterns
DollC6 $4.00

Drape Fab Dolls
DollC7 $3.00

Crocheted Dolls Vol.1
Bridesmaid Doll and Melaine Doll Crocheted Clothes Pattern
DollC8 $3.00

Dolls To Crochet For Use and for Play Instructions for 18 Projects
DollC9 $6.00

2 Available

Easy to Make Dolls on Parade
Assorted Doll Patterns to Sew
DollC10 $4.00


Birthday Girl
Crochet Clothes for 13" Music Box DOll or 10 1/2 Pillow Doll
DollC11 $4.00

Fibre Craft

Mary Sunshine

10 1/2 fillow doll and dress also fits 13" standing doll
DollC12 $6.00

Leisure Arts
Cabbage Patch Clothes to Crochet 2 Available
DollC13 $4.00

J & P Coats and Clark's
Doll's of the America's
DollC14 $5.00
Crochet Capers A Charming Doll Collection
Assorted Clothes Patterns
DollC15 $5.00

Nora Bed Dolls and Sweet Dreams to Crochet By Dumplin Darlings
DollC16 $4.00


Patons Just For Dolls
Assorted Knitting Patterns for Doll Clothes

3 Available

DollC17 $4.00

Crocheted Jar Huggies
8 Designs
DollC18 $4.00
Sewing Pattern for Assorted Clowns and Clothes
DollC19 $3.00
Fibre Craft Snowflake Crochet a 10 1/2" Pillow Doll.
DollC20 $4.00

Build a Chenille Dollhouse

DollC21 $ 4.00

Fibre Craft Annabelle. Use with 15" Doll.

Fibre Craft Christmas Angel. Crochet Pillow doll 10 1/2" of 13 " music doll.


Annie's Attic
Fashion Doll House Decor Crochet Sweetheart Bedroom Volume III



Annie's Attic
Fashion Doll House Decor Crochet Mother's Corner



Annie's Attic
Fashion Doll House Decor Crochet The Nursery
DollC26 $4.00


Annie's Attic
Fashion Doll House Decor Crochet Breakfast Room Volume VIII

DollC27 $4.00


Annie's Attic
Fashion Doll House Decor Crochet Country Kitchen Volume VII

DollC28 $4.00


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