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Vintage Stitches Baby and Toddler Patterns

We offer a wide selection of baby patterns for your stitching delight. We have sewing patterns for babies and toddlers many out of date and interesting patterns for the new arrival and the toddler. We offer a wide array of vintage baby patterns for knitting and crocheting as well as some interesting quilting and cross-stitch patterns.

Step back in time with Timeless Treasure Trunk and explore the beautiful vintage designs in our wide array of patterns. Make something today to make a lasting memory for that special little one.

Patons Baby Choice 235
VSBKP01 $8.00

Mary Maxim Baby Book Volume 3

VSBKP02 $8.00

Peter Pan 25 Year Celebration
Baby Fashions
To Knit and Crochet
VSBKP03 $8.00


Star Baby Book No 111

VSBKP03A $6.00

Patons EasyCare Baby Knitting
By Beehive
25 Designs For Babies and Toddlers

VSBKP03B $8.00

Baby Scheepjes

VSBKP03C $8.00

Corticelli Handcrafter Baby Handknits

VSBKP03E $10.00

Patons Baby Book
18 Designs For Babies

VSBKP03F $8.00

Mary Maxim Baby Book
Volume 1

VSBKP03G $5.00

Lady Galt Delightful Hand Knit Garments for Infants

Volume 12

VSBKP03H $8.00


Patons Baby Book
18 Designs For Babies

VSBKP03I $8.00


Pingouin Your Favorite Layettes
Your Favourite Layettes

VSBKP03J $8.00

Hayfield The Essential Baby 4 ply book

VSBKP03K $8.00

Patons For Baby With Love

VSBKP03L $8.00

P.K. Baby Book


Patons Kids Let it Snow
Patterns in sizes 2-12

Patons Baby Baby Book
VSBKP05 $8.00

With Love From Sirdar 203
Nine Designs for Baby
VSBKP06 $8.00

Patons Sweet Country Baby
Bright Eyed Baby Outfits
VSBKP07 $6.00


Beehive Pre-School Patterns
Assortment of Sweaters
VSBKP08 $4.00


Patons Picture Knits for Children
Sizes 4-12
VSBKP09 $4.00

Patons Outdoor Children
Beehive 424 Children sizes 4-12
VSBKP10 $4.00

Patons Baby Fashions by Beehive Book 133

VSBKP11 $4.00


Patons Book 405
Knitted and Crocheted Shawls for Mother, Sister and Baby
VSBKP12 $4.00

Hayfield Pretty Baby
7 Complete Sets with Instructions for 36 Garments
VSBKP13 $6.00


Beehive Book 442
Award Winning Designs For Chilcren

VSBKP14 $4.00

Continental Kids

VSBKP15 $6.00

BeehiveComfy SLippers to Knit For Children

VSBKP16 $4.00

Fashion Knits
Knitted Sweaters for Toddlers
VSBKP17 $8.00

Patons Children's Choice
Assortment of Patterns
VSBKP18 $4.00

2 available

Patons Baby Baby 612
Assortment of Baby Patterns
VSBKP19 $4.00


Junior Arans No 159
VSBKP20 $4.00

Baby Be Good 627
VSBKP21 $5.00

BeehiveWee Wonders Book 478

VSBKP22 $4.00

2 available

Handknits for Babies by Beehive

VSBKP23 $8.00


Newlands Baby Book
Volume 8 Book 1
VSBKP24 $12.00

Contains an adaptation of The Royal Layette for Prince Charles

Patons Happily Ever After Book 651

VSBKP25 $4.00


Beehive Baby Talk Book 463

VSBKP26 $4.00


With Love From Sirdar
Book 203
VSBKP27 $6.00

Patons BabyShawls By Beehive Book No 129
Assortment of Crocheted and Knitted Baby Patterns
VSBCP01 $4.00


American School Of Needlework
Crochet Baby Warm Ups Head to Toe Outfits
VSBCP02 $5.00


Bernat Girl Talk
10 Fun and easy crochet designs for girls ages 4 to 12 ponchos, hats, vests, kerchiefs
VSBCP03 $4.00

2 Available

Hayfield Babykin 1
Crocheted and Knit Baby Outfits and Afghan
VSBCP04 $6.00


Patons Beehive Baby Sport Precious
Crochet and Knit Outfits for Baby

VSBCP05 $4.00


Leisure Arts Lipper Socks for Baby
Knit and Crochet
VSBCP06 $4.00

Patons Children's Designs
Assortment of Patterns
VSBCP07 $4.00

Beehive Pre-School Patterns
Assortment of Sweaters
VSBCP08 $4.00


Small Pleasures
Book no 272

VSBCP09 $4.00

Baby Afghans to Knit and Crochet
Assortment of Patterns Knit and Crochet for Babies
VSBCP10 $4.00

Red Heart Baby Sport Crochet and Knit for Baby Baby Blankets
VSBCP11 $4.00

Crochet for Babies and Toddlers

VSBCP12 $4.00

Leisure Arts Tiny Toppers To Knit and Crochet

VSBCP13 $4.00

Patons Beehive Socks, Mitts and Knit and Crochet Gloves for Children

VSBCP14 $4.00

Children's Fashions by Beehive Size 6-12

VSBCP15 $4.00

Red Heart Crochet and Knit for Baby

VSBCP16 $4.00

Annie's Attic
Jolly Jumpers and Baby Sets
VSBCP17 $4.00


Leisure Arts Baby's Book
Knit and Crochet for Baby 25 pages of outfits, sweaters, afghans
VSBCP18 $5.00


Leisure Arts
Assortment of Baby Bibs to Crochet
VSBCP19 $4.00


Leisure Arts

Assortment of Patterns to Crochet , Layetts, sweaters, bonnets, booties and blankets.
VSBCP20 $4.00


Red Heart
Fast and Fun Baby Items to Crochet and Knit Sweaters, Afghans, bears,
VSBCP21 $4.00