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Heirloom Baby Treasures

Beautiful gifts handcrafted with a time honored attention to detail. Each item is made by hand using all new materials. It is our hope that each item that is bought will be a treasured heirloom for years to come.

Step back in time with Timeless Treasure Trunk and explore the beautiful vintage designs in our handcrafted items. Imagine the delight of receiving a gift as special as this.  A gift that will be used, and then saved and cherished.

Hand Crocheted Baby Booties

All the crochet baby booties are made with 100% Cotton Crochet Thread.

The soles of the baby booties are all approximately 3.5" in length.


Summer Rose Purple
HTCB011 $12.00


Summer Rose Pink
HTCB012 $12.00


Summer Rose Yellow
HTCB13 $12.00


Irish Rose Blue
HTCB20 $12.00

Irish Rose Burgandy
HTCB21 $12.00

Irish Rose Kelly Green
HTCB22 $12.00

Irish Rose Peach
HTCB23 $12.00

Irish Rose Hot Pink
HTCB24 $12.00

Irish Rose Red
HTCB25 $12.00

Irish Rose Solid Blue
HTCB26 $12.00

Irish Rose Solid Peach
HTCB27 $12.00

Irish Rose SOlid Teal
HTCB28 $12.00

Red Mary Jane's
HTCB01Red $12.00

Pink Mary Jane's
HTCB01Pink $12.00

Lavendar Mary Jane's
HTCB01Purple $12.00

Purple Clouds
HTCB06 $12.00

High Tops
HTCB05 $12.00

White and Red
HTCB07 $12.00

Mint Green Baby Outfit
Dress and Matching Booties Fits Newborn to 4 months

HTCB50 $25.00


Mint Green and White Baby Outfit dress and Matching Booties Fits Newborn to 4 months
HTCB51 $25.00


Purple and White Baby Outfit Dress and Matching Booties Fits Newborn to 4 months
HTCB52 $25.00

Almost a Big Girl
Dress With Matching Cotton Slip Fits 1 to 2 year old

HTCB53 $30.00


Pink Sundress
Fits Newborn to 4 months

HTCB54 $20.00


Yellow Crocheted Dress , Booties, Bonnet and Sweater
Fits Newborn to 4 months

HTCB55 $30.00

Pastel Colors Dress With Matching booties
Fits Newborn to 4 months

HTCB56 $25.00

Purple Ruffled Baby Dress with Matching Booties
Fits Newborn to 4 months

HTCB57 $25.00

Christening Gown Long with Matching Bonnet and Booties
Fits Newborn to 4 months

HTCB58 $60.00

Purple Crocheted Dress
Fits Newborn to 6 months

HTCB59 $20.00


4 Piece Crocheted Baby Set

Fits Newborn to 4 months Baby Dress, Bonnet, Cape, and Booties

HTCB60 $30.00

All baby afghans are made with new Red Heart Yarn. All are washer and Dryer safe.
Click on the photos to see a larger detailed image.

Heirloom Lace Shawl
Knit 40"x40"
HTBA01 $50.00

Crochet Lacey Edges
HTBA02 $50.00

Crocheted Grandma's Garden
HTBA03 $30.00

Parfait Baby Afghan
Crocheted 52"x40"
HTBA04 $35.00

Pastel Pink Carriage Cover
Crocheted 40"x26"
HTBA05 $ 35.00

Double Lace Ruffled Afghan
Crocheted 60"x46"
HTBA06 $60.00

Crochet Baby Afghan
Crocheted 60"x40"
HTBA07 $30.00


Striped Baby Afghan
Crocheted 30"x40"
HTBA08 $30.00

Pastel Baby Afghan
Knit 60"x40"
HTBA09 $40.00