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Free Scrapbooking and Card Making Templates

Scrapbooking is the creative combination of photographs, memorabilia and journaling. Though scrapbooking originated in Victorian times it is now one the fastest growing hobbies. Participants in this fascinating hobby often gather to work on their scrapbooks together, these gatherings are known as "crops," the participants are known as "croppers". Many scrapbookers are also card makers since the two crafts are so similar and most of the same tools and supplies are used.

Box & Bag Templates

Match Box
Pie Box
Candy Bag
Small Basket
Perfect container for special little gifts.
Hide a treat or gift.
3" X 1 1/2" X 4" high. Fill it with treats.
Five-sided Box
Heart Treat Box
Pillow Box
Seed Pack
Hide a little treasure. Use for Valentines or weddings. Great container for special treats. Fill it with seeds.
Tag Box
Pyramid Box
pyramid template
Container for special treats. Container for special treats.

Card Templates

Easter Card
Mothers Day Card
5 X 7 Card, includes giraffe art.
Cute basket design. 5 X 7 Train locomotive with cut out window. Has photo window.
Shamrock Card
Tie Card
Valentine Heart
Wine Bottle
Use green card stock. Father's Day or man's birthday. 5" X 5" Heart template. Use to enclose free drink tickets.

Card and Envelope Combo Templates

Note: These templates require a graphic program to use. They come as a
.zip file, click on image to download.

4 X 5
5 X 5
5 X 6
5 X 7
Templates to print both sides of a 4"x5" card and outline of envelope to fit. Templates to print both sides of a 5"x5" card and outline of envelope to fit. Templates to print both sides of a 5"x6" card and outline of envelope to fit.
Templates to print both sides of a 5"x7" card and outline of envelope to fit.


Bird House
Match Book 1
Corner Mounts
Use on cards for 3D effect. Hide a little gift, full size of real one. Give photos that traditional look.
Match Book 2
Attach Envelope to card. Larger than actual size to hold tea bag. 3 1/2' X 2 1/4" leakproof package.


Envelope 1
Envelope 2
CD Sleeve
Petal CD Sleeve
Folded from square of paper. 6 1/4" X 4 3/4" side seam card envelope. 5" X 5" with open top.
4 7/8" X 4 7/8"

How to Make, Design and
Embellish Card Envelopes

Downloadable eBook

Easy step by step method to design an envelope, tips for folding and gluing and embellishment ideas. Includes 15 envelope templates ranging from 2 X 3 to 5 1/8 X 7 1/4 inches that can be printed on standard letterhead paper.

Item # ENV203


Gift Card Enclosures

Slotted Style
Folded Style
Simple slotted folder. Folded pocket


Various styles and sizes. Multiple sized images. Multiple sized images.

Multiple sized images. Multiple sized images. Various styles and sizes.

Shamrock 1
Shamrock 2
Shamrock 3
Use green stock.
Use green stock.
Use green stock.