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Scrapbooking Graphics

Digital Graphics packages includes 6 individual graphics saved as a 300 ppi .png file (transparent graphic file). These graphics can be used in any application you wish and will not have a background color so you can place them on any color background. Will resize easily. Use them for greeting cards, wedding invitations, scrapbook pages. Nice clear graphics. (Graphics on the page are shown at a reduced quality for faster page loading.) Great for use in any digital project.  

Item Number BIRTHG601

Download Graphics $2.00
2.5 MB .zip file

Item Number BIRTHG602

Download Graphics $2.00
3.8 KB .zip file

Item Number BIRTHG603

Download Graphics $2.00
2.8 MB .zip file

Item Number BIRTHG604

Download Graphics $2.00
1.0 MB .zip file

Item Number Item BIRTHG605

Download Graphics $2.00
1.6 KB .zip file

Item Number Item BIRTHG606

Download Graphics $2.00
1.5 MB .zip file

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