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Crafter's Studio Craft Patterns

We have many pattern for your crafting pleasure. Pattern books covering many aspects of crafting from beading to weaving. We also carry a large selection of craft kits including doll house kits. We have a large selection of scrapbooking supplies as well as some free scrapbooking templates to help you along with that special scrapbooking project.

Step back in time with Timeless Treasure Trunk and explore the many aspcect of the crafter's studio.

The patterns are one of a kind items from our Timeless Treasure Trunk and are sold on a first come first serve basis, our inventory is updated manually each day, if an item has been previously sold you will receive a prompt refund.

Softees For All Seasons
Taurus Publishing
Instructions for making over 25 projects for all seasons. Easy to follow patterns to quickly make your Holidays Unique. Valentines patterns, Halloween Patterns, Easter Patterns, Christmas Patterns etc.

Foster Children Soft Sculpture Friendly Bears Designed by
Esther Lee Foster
Book contains patterns and directions for 27 inch and 20 inch foster bears and for vest and bow tie too.
Pocket Size Teddy Bears
Gick Publishing 1982
Instructions and Patterns for Pocket Sized Teddy Bears. Girlscout, SUperbear, Sherlock Holmes , Graduate Bear, Papa Bear, Mama Bear, 2" Baby Bear, Christmas Kitchen, Christmas Ornaments, Baseball Bear, Jogger Bear, Cheerleader and Tennis Teddy Bear, Pilgrims and Indian, Witch, Farmer, Pilgrims and Indian, and many more costume ideas and patterns.
Dolls, New and Old
Hazel Pearson Handicraft 1967
This Vintage Doll Instruction Pattern Book contains a variety of projects including instructions how to make a doll stand, how to make faces, features, yarn dolls, victorian lady doll, Topsy Turvey Doll One Side is blonde the other is a "colored Baby" Apple Head Doll, Wooden Doll. a Dancing Doll Pattern and a Black Americana Doll. Wonderful vintage pattern book.
Fabric Mice
By Marlene Watson
Full Size Patterns for Victorian Mouse Lady and Gentleman. Mother mouse and children, Tree Ornament Mice, Santa and Mis. Clause, ABride Mouse, Country Lady and Country Man Mouse and many many more.

Doll1 $4.00

Doll2 $5.00
Doll3 $5.00
Doll4 $8.00
Doll5 $5.00
McCall's Book of Dolls
McCalls Volume 1 1979
40 Fabulous Dolls to Make All With Complete Instructions. Knit , Crochet, Sew, Embroider and More. Ideal For Collectors, Tots and Teens with lots of easy techniques to doll making. Some of the patterns include; Edwardian Schoolgirls, International Set; japan, peru, mexico, France, nigeria, Pakistan, Apple Head Dolls, SLeeping baby, Fisherman Doll, Old Salt Sea Dolls, Lovable Sock Dolls, and many more.

Egg Carton Flowers
Craft Course Publishers 1980
Create many interesting projects out of egg cartons, birds, flowers and many more things. Great Projects!
Craft Sticks
For Family Fun
Create many interesting projects out of out of craft sticks!
2 Available
Fantasies of Foil and Metal
Create many interesting projects out of Tin Cans. Butterflies, Clocks, chairs, and more!
2 Available
Egg Carton Flowers
Craft Course Publishers 1980
Create many interesting projects out of egg cartons, birds, flowers and many more things. Great Projects!

Doll6 $5.00

Crafts $4.00

Crafts $4.00

Crafts $4.00

Crafts $4.00

Book 1 Craft Delight Dough Art
Many fabulous patterns and recipes for creating in dough.

String Art Mansions
Create many interesting projects in string art reflecting old architecture.
Graphic Design String Art
Creatate many interesting projects including geometrics, butterflies, Spanish Galleon, Manhatten Syline, Wildflowers, Starship Geometric Design, ANtique Fire Engine, 3 Dimensional Mobile, Wildlife, ANtique Carriage and more.
TOLE Decor Patterns
Cute Designs to paint in Tole on many household Objects.
Leisure Arts Craft Leaflets Holiday Wreaths No Sew
Quick and easy to make wreaths for the holidays.

Crafts $4.00

Crafts $4.00

Crafts $4.00


Crafts $4.00

Crafts $4.00

Ginerbread Dreams
Many fabulous patterns for making wooden gingerbread houses and other great wooden Christmas ornaments.

McCalls Creates Kitchen Quips Fabric Crafts
3 quilt designs, actual size patterns.
Patons Beehive Book No 417 Weaving in Colour
Varies patterns for pillows, carriage cover, afghans etc.
Lily Speed O Weave Book No. 95-S
Easy and Fast to Make Designs for the Home.
Wedding Finery 18 Beautiful Headpieces
Bridal Veils and Headpiece patterns and instructions.

Crafts $4.00

Crafts $4.00

Crafts $4.00

Crafts $4.00

Crafts $4.00

Natural Elegance
Techniques of flower design on basketry.

2 Available

Gifts of Silk Flowers
Silk flower arrangements for Gift Giving Occasions. 16 exciting projects.
Beautiful FLowers 'n Things
Learn how to shape and shade velvet crepe paper.
Simplicity Beginner Wreaths
Easy and Fast to Make Designs for the Home.
How To Arrange Florals If you Think You Can't
144 Page Book. Soft Cover.

Crafts $4.00

Crafts $4.00

Crafts $4.00

Crafts $4.00

Crafts $10.00

Knit Wit Pompon ANimal Kingdom
Pattern Book No. 77
Beautiful Pompon animal patterns.
Placemat Fantasies.
Instructions for Making lovely creations out of Placemats.
Fun With Craft Sticks
Folded Magazine Novelties.
Great Patterns to Make things with old Magazines.
Plastic Bottle Fun
Lots of fun projects to make things with Plastic Bottles.

Crafts26 $4.00

Crafts27 $4.00

Crafts28 $4.00

Crafts29 $4.00


Feather Flowers and Arrangements
Many instructions and patterns for making feather flowers and bouquets.

Boxes, Baskets, Brooms and Bags Floral Projects
Hot off The Press Inc 1990
Instructions for making 19 Floral Projects.
2 Available
Petal Porcelain
Plaid Enterprises 1989
Instructions and Patterns for beginner's to make silk flowers into a Porcelain Look. THere are 21 Projects in this book.
2 Available
Silk Flowers
Gaylemot Publishing 1978
This Instruction Pattern Book contains a variety of projects and arrangement instructions for 14 flowers and 18 arrangements using pre cut petals.
How to Arrange Dried Materials
Craft Course Publications 1974
12 Exciting dried materials arrangements, each depicting one of the 12 lines used in professional arranging. A complete chart identifying all the materials used for projects. Large colored photographs. Helpful hints.

Flower1 $4.00

Flower2 $4.00
Flower3 $4.00
Flower4 $4.00
Flower5 $4.00
New Directions in Flower Arranging
Plaid Enterprises Inc. 1984
Flower arranging with silk flowers and Dried Materials. Learn How to Create Eight of Today's Most Popular Designer Arrangements.

2 Available

Silk Flowers
Creative American Crafts
Instructions for making silk flowers from rayon or silk, or any type of fabric following the basic techniques offered in this books. The tools and techniques are simple. Step by step instructions.
Preserving Nature's Flowers
Craft Course 1992
Instructions for and step by step directions for preserving flowers including pressing. Beautiful projects to make including cards, pictures, arrangements, candles, gift ideas.
Secrets for Successful Flower Arranging
Plaid Enterprises Inc. 1980
This Instruction Pattern Book contains a variety of patterns for flowering arranging silk flowers and dry materials. Teachs the art of flower arranging with full professional tips. In depth General Information and Detailed Step by Step Projects.
Floral and Nature Crafts Better Homes and Gardens
22 Gifts and Decorations you can Make Step by Step . November 1995

Flower6 $4.00

Flower7 $4.00
Flower8 $4.00
Flower9 $4.00
Flower10 $4.00
Victorian Floral Crafts
Mark Publishing 1991
Flower arranging with a Victorian Slant. 10 beautiful step by step projects.

Christmas Silks
Plaid Enterprises 1980
Instructions for making over a dozen projects using silk flowers for holiday decorating, centerpieces, wreaths, ornaments, nosegays.
Fantasy Fur Decor
Instructions and projects for making flowers and flower bouquets out of fantasy fur.
Forever Butterflies
Plaid Enterprises Inc. 1980
This Instruction Pattern Book contains a variety of patterns for decorating butterflies with flowers. 23 pages.
How To Make Flowers With Denmision Crepe Paper

Flower11 $4.00

Flower12 $4.00
Flower13 $4.00
Flower14 $4.00
Flower15 $4.00

Friendly Plastics Jewelry Patterns
Susan McNeil Design Originals
Assortment of Plastic Jewelry Patterns

Friendly Pastics II Easy Jewelry
Angie Green, Kim WOod and Liz Miller
Create Elegant Jewlry In minutes With Hot Water and Plastic Sticks
Safety Pin Jewelry
Creative American Craft Seriers
Instructions for and step by step directions for 18 Different Projects
14 Be dazzled Bead Projects including holiday decorations.

Jewelry1 $4.00

Jewelry2 $4.00
Jewelry3 $4.00

Romantic Brooches Made of Fimo
Marlis Meyer
Assorted Patterns

Lynn Paulin's Jewelry The Opulent Look of PRecious Metals
Instructions for making assorted designs
Little Lacing Treasures
Designed By Doxie Keller
Instructions for and step by step directions for making jewelry and Fun things with laces and plastic laces.

Jewelry5 $4.00


Jewelry6 $4.00
Jewelry7 $4.00

Macrame Pattern Books

Lee Originals
A step by step guide to the joys of macrame featuring the designs of Thelma Lee

Macrame Visions
Lee Originals
Instructions for a variety of projects for macrame.
Macrame Hangers
For Small Spaces
Craft Course Publishers
23 Patterns for hangers and wall hangings that are smaller designs to fit in smaller spaces.
2 available
Macrame 76
Handy Craft Pak
Some very interesting macrame patterns including Owl purse, tennis purse heishi necklace chokers belts wall hangings, plant , jewelry.
Macrame Round The Year
Hazel Pearson Handicrafts 1978
Many exciting and innovative designs and patterns for Macrame for around the year. Santa Claus Door Hanging, Indian SHield, Easter Cross, Log Carrier and more....


Macrame3 $3.50
Macrame4 $3.50
Macrame5 $3.50
Mad About Macrame
Instructions For Macrame Patterns.

Macrame Happenings
All new step by step patterns in full color .
Handbook of Common Macrame Knots
2 Available
Macrame Showcase Classic Charm in Easy to DO Designs
Craft Pak
Macrame Vol 11 For All Seasons, All Rooms and All Tastes.
50 Projects

Macrame6 $4.00

Macrame8 $4.00
Macrame10 $8.002 Available
Macrame West
Arizona HObby Publishers 1975
Instructions For Macrame projects Tawa the Sun Gold, Thunderbirds, Toro, Wall Flowers, Professor Nemo, Gazebo, Tiki, Imperial, Stone Flower and More.

2 Available

Macrame The Book
Leisure Time Publishing 1978
Instructions for new and creative designs for Large flower wall Hanger, Small gold fish Hanger, Baby Kristy, Small Daisy Hanger, Small flower towel Hanger, Small fish hanger, Small hen hanger, Touch of Color Table, Poinsettia, Spanish Lace and more.
Macrame Portraits
Craft Publications Inc. 19778
IInstructions for12 unique macrame projects.
Macrame For Beginnners
Craft Publications
If you are just starting macrame, this should be your first boo. 12 projects. Full color photos.
Inside Outside
Craft Pak 1976
Many exciting and innovative designs and patterns for Macrame Pot Hangers.

Macrame11 $3.50

2 Available

Macrame12 $3.50
Macrame13 $3.50
Macrame14 $4.00
Macrame15 $3.50
2 Available
Macrame Tricks and Treats
Craft Publications
Instructions for 22 lovely patterns.

Macrame 76
Craft Publications 1977
Instructions and Patterns for owl purse, tennis purse, heishi necklace, braided belt, ladies belt, Patchwork light, and many more interesting patterns.
Macrame 76
Craft Publications 1977
Instructions and Patterns for owl purse, tennis purse, heishi necklace, braided belt, ladies belt, Patchwork light, and many more interesting patterns.
Craft Publications 1976
Various Instructions and patterns for macrame projects
Easily Done Macrame
Classic Publications Series
This Instruction Pattern Book contains a variety of macrame projects including several owl pattc.
2 Available

Macrame16 $3.5

Macrame 17 $5.00
Macrame18 $3.50
Macrame19 $3.50
3 Available
Macrame20 $3
Juliano's Hang It ALL
Numerous Macrame projects including a hanging cradle.

2 Available

Mad About Macrame No. 2
Macrame for Ages 8 and Up
Many projects for the Younger student of macrame
Tie the Knot with Classic
Classic Publications 1978
This Instruction Pattern Book contains a variety of macrame projects including curtains and a wall hanging girafe and more.
Macrame for Living
Mercedes Publisching Co 1977
Many exciting and innovative designs and patterns for Macrame from one basic Knot.

Macrame21 $4

Macrame23 $3.50
Macrame 24 $3.50
Macrame25 $3.50
Guide To Macrame Knots
Instructions for a variety of knots plus 8 projects.
Macrame III
Instructions for a variety of projects for wallhangings and plant holders.
Macrame 76
Featuring New Synthetic Cords. Many patterns
Harmony Macrame for Beginners
This Instruction Pattern Book contains instructions for some very nice projects. Wallhangings, fish, jewlery, key chains, knitting bags, pencil holders, coasters all designed for the beginner.
Macrame Portraits Class of 78
Macrame 26 $3.50
Macrame 27 $3.50
Macrame 28 $3.50
Macrame 29 $3.5
Macrame 30 $3.50
Macrame Unlimited
DkC Enterprises 1976
Instructions For 22 exciting projects for the home. Plants Cradles, hat racks earrings, tiffany Lamp, Window Greenhouse, Plant Lamp and many more.

Creative Critters in Macrame
Matha Holton
8 macrame animals for fun and decoration. Three Dimensional Designs.
12 Belt and Bag Macrame Designs
A Primer Of Macrame Knots complied by Mickey Baskett
Lee Originals
This Instruction Pattern Book contains instructions for 15 designs.
Macrame Start TO Finish
Macrame PRojects.

Macrame 33 $3.50
2 Macrame 34 $3.50
2 Macrame 35 $3.50
Macrame Purse Fashions
Anna Offik
22 Purse Projects . Some featuring an exciting new technique for a pure color separation when tying vertical stripes.

Whispers of the Frost Macrame Book By Brandy
Knots n Easy Macrame Made Easy By Jon Huot
Macrame Plant Hangers With VEXAR craft Netting
Woman's World Macrame The Easy Way
66 Page Magazine wth lots of step by step and projects.

Macrame37 $4.00


Macrame 38 $4.00
2 Macrame40 $5.00
Macra-Hangings ETC.
Lee Originals
Instructions For 16 attractive designs.

Macrame Elegance III
20 Beautiful Projects for Macrame.
2 Available
Knotty Pots
Judy Palmer and Lois Anderson
Instructions and Patterns for 16 Projects.
Phentex Craft and Macrame
Pot Hangers, Curtains, Purse and Owl.
Macrame Moods
Exciting New designs including macra weaving and macra sculpture.

2 Macrame41 $4.00

Macrame42 $4.00
Macrame 43 $4.00
Macrame 44 $4.00
2 Macrame45 $4.00
Macrame Boutique
Everything from plant hangers to bird cage. Contains 13 macrame projects.

Macrame For Entusiasts
Easy to follow Knoting Diagrams For the Beginner as well as the Accomplished. 12 Projects.
Macrame PUrse Time By Liz Miller
Instructions for over 20 Purse Designs.
Macrame Today
Exciting New Designs Including Macra Weaving and Macra Sculpture
Fibre Arts II
Macrame, crochet, basketry and weaving with maxi cord.

2 Macrame46 $4.00


Macrame 48 $4.00
Macrame 49 $4.00
2 Macrame