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Crafter's Studio Craft Patterns

We have many pattern for your crafting pleasure. Pattern books covering many aspects of crafting from beading to weaving. We also carry a large selection of craft kits including doll house kits. We have a large selection of scrapbooking supplies as well as some free templates to help you along with that special scrapbooking project.

Step back in time with Timeless Treasure Trunk and explore the many aspect of the crafter's studio.

The patterns are one of a kind items from our Timeless Treasure Trunk and are sold on a first come first serve basis, our inventory is updated manually each day, if an item has been previously sold you will receive a prompt refund.

The Bead Book

Taurus Pulications and Designs
Beaded Hanger, Mini Pot Hanger Candle Holders Christmas Bells Snowflake ornaments Christmas ORnaments Beaded Christmas Tree and other patterns.

Bead and Pearl Jewelry
Craft Course Publishers 1971
All ages of people are interested in working with pearls and this book has designs for many projects including, velvet part choker, Drew's Drops Earrings, Truman's Pearl Choker, Necklaces, Ropes of Pearl necklaces, wooden bead necklaces, Colorful necklaces of seed beads with native flair and many
Indian Crafts and Beadwork
Craft Course Publishers 1964
Instructions and Patterns for Indian Beadwork including beaded rings, beaded collars, beaded glass case, loom beading patterns, rattles and noisemakers, drums, Indian vests, Indian masks, neckerchief slides beaded, war bonnet, head bands, carved totem pole molded totem pole Kachina Dolls, Indian beads bear claw necklace, tomahawk anklet, coucil feathers, arm bands, war shield, talking stick American Indian shields, swing back bustle and more patterns.
Mini Beads
Harold Mangelsen Inc. 1974
This Instruction Pattern Book contains a variety of beading projects using seed beads. Nice full size color photos of projects and clear instructions.
Nostalgic Beading
Harold Mangelsen Inc 1972
Patterns and instructions for a variety projects using beads. German Pearl Necklace and earrings, Romantic necklace, 6 Strand Braid, Nostalgic Rope, Square Splendor , Queen Anne Choker, Velvet Choker, 4 Strand Flat Braid, Rosebud Bead Choker, Heirloom Lace, Cascading Grapes, 8 Strand Braid and many more projects.

Bead1 $4.00


Bead2 $4.00
Bead3 $5.00
Bead4 $4.00
Bead5 $4.00
Aleene's Bead It Designer Jewelry
Instructions for Cuff Bracelet, earrings, barrette, bead it pin and Bridal Head Band.

Bead6 $3.00

Chenille Fun
Craft Course Publishers 1975
Instructions For making flowers , novelties, party favors.

Beautiful Chenille
The Great Course Book
Instructions and patterns Projects using chenille.
Chenille Show Offs
Instructions and patterns Projects using chenille.
Chenille Bumpies
Craft Publications 1977
This Instruction Pattern Book contains a variety of patterns for fun chenille things. Elephants, clowns, chicks, poodle, duck, penquin, Santa, santa sleigh, goldfish, lobster, parrot, butterfly, bee, hen and many more.
Diane's New Book of Chenille Animals
Chenille animal patterns for; bunny, owl, skunk, puppy, chick, squirrel, raccoon, duck, kitten, mouse and teddy bear.

Chenille1 4.50

Chenille2 $3.00
Chenille3 $3.00
Chenille4 $3.00
Chenille5 $3.00
Bump Chenille Magic
Craft Course Publishers 1975
Instructions For making 23 Enchanting Projects. Cuddly koala Bea, Skunk Polly Parrot, Floral Put Ons, Easter Bunny, Ducks, Christmas Wreaths and tree and candle holders, Sammy the Snowman, ricki Raccoon, Fanciful Fish, butterfly, cute mice, panda, flower baskets, stork, fruit, three bears and more.

Chenille Hangups By Diane
This Instruction Pattern Book contains a variety of patterns 10 fully illustrated instructions for ten hanging plants, a basket and chenille stem swag chain.

Chenille6 $3.00



Garden Treasures
Stoney Creek Book 56
Instructions For 11 projects that feature children and gardens. 11 Designs:
1. "Pitcher and Bowl" 2. "Tiger Lilies"3. "Girl With Kittens" 4. "Boy With Puppy" 5. "The Brush Arbor" 6. "Stairs and Chair" 7. "Friends and Flowers"8. "English Cottage Scene"9. "Watering Can and Hat" 10. "Victorian Profile" 11. "Victorian Floral Border"

Warm & Witty
Dimensions Book One
Instructions warm and whimsical Designs. Lambs, teddy bears, penquins, bunnies, chickens, kitties, ducks all in bold easy cross stitch.
Cross Stitch Sampler
Summer 1992
Instructions and Patterns for some fabulous cross stitch patterns. Personalize a needlecase, holiday towels, quick stitch gift to crosstich for a golfer in your life, friendship cross stitch, Holiday surprises, birds and many more including a heirloom bell pull sampler.
Classic Cross-Stitch
January 1992
This Instruction Pattern Book contains a variety of cross stitch patterns including a Santa alphabet, roly Poly snowpeople wood duck, friendship buttons sampler, bed time bunny cross stitch, tooth faerie pillow cross stitch, floral hearts, roses and violets cross stitch, chickadees and more.
For the Love of Cross Stitch
Leisure Arts Publication January 1991
Many exciting and innovative designs and patterns for Cross stitch. 22 Projects in this issue including bibs and burps adorable bibs and burping towels, Hosanna sampler, Holiday chickadee to cross stitch, Christmas coffee, magnets, Victorian keepsakes elegant fan ornament and jar lid , main street USA with E. B's General Store to Cross Stitch, Caroling critters a quaint circle of friends and more.

Crosstich1 $4.50

Crosstich2 $3.50
Crosstich3 $3.50
Crosstich4 $3.50
Crosstich5 $3.50
Wedding Promises
Kount on Kappie
Instructions For many beautiful wedding cross sttich patterns including; ring pillow, wedding dress hanger, wedding samplers, Bible cover, Jewish Prayer Book Cover, monogram placemats, sachet bag, bridesmaid gift bags and many more.

Gertrude's Closet
Leisure Arts
Instructions for Designs on Waste Canvas an assortment of very cute Geese Designs.
The Jelly Cabinet
Leisure Arts
Instructions and Full Color Charts for "The Jelly Cupboard, dolls, wreaths and other country items.
First Steps In Counted Cross Stich
Basic instruction plus over 15 charted designs
Anchor All Time Country Favorites
Many dute country designs to cross stitch, carousel horse, geese, lambs. Quilted heart, rocking horse cross stitch, bears, pineapple, watermelon and more.

Crosstich6 $4.00

Crosstitch7 $3.50
Crosstitch8 $3.50
Crosstitch9 $4.00
Crosstitch10 $4.00
Cross Stitch And Country Crafts
Better Homes and GardensSept/October 91
Instructions and Cross Stitch Charts for many projects including an antique weather Van, Halloween Pop-ups, Prancing horse, silhouettes, wall pockets A cross stitchers hometown, rosemont damask, Illuminated Manuscript II and more.

Cross Stitch and Country Crafts
Better Hoes and Gardens May/July 1987
Instructions for 29 Great Projects including kids stuff, slippes, trains, bibs, diaper pin pillow, bonnets, Sewing Picture with threads, bobbins, etc, Collectors Series Amish LIfe Beautiful borders, Christmas ornaments including carousel horse, heart and many more great patterns.
More Kitchen Mats and Hoops
Instructions and Patterns for lots of Kitchen Type Cross Stitch Pictures, baskets of fruit, grapes, lemons, strawberries, daily bread basket, ice cream sudae, tea pot , jams, cheese and oil bottle, tomatoes.
Cross Stitcher
Crafts n Things August 1992
This Instruction Pattern Book contains a variety of cross stitch charts and patterns including grandchildren clock, special gifts for friendship day, southwestern designs, country geese, Victorian roses, sleeping beauty cross stitch, colonial sampler, hand towels and keepsakes for baby.
Cross Stitch Super Book
Many exciting and innovative designs and patterns. Quick to Stitch 72 Projects including; bears, bunnies, quilt cross stitch, jewelry, sweatshirts, ornaments, towel designs, bib designs, kitties, baby blocks, pot holders, napkins, hearts, pictures and so many more.

CrossStitch11 $3.50

CrossStitch12 $3.50
CrossStitch13 $3.50
CrossStitch14 $3.50
CrossStitch15 $4.00
Just Cross Stitch
February 1993
Screech Owl Masterpiece in Cross Stitch, American Sampler Afghan, Hearts to Treasure, Crazy quilt pillow, Blue Sampler, Colonial Street Scene, Certificate of Appreciation to Cross Stitch and many more great patterns.

Country Stitch
July/AUgust 1992
Instructions and charts for patriotic stitches. Create a Charming Farm Villiage, Piece a beautiful quilt country critters, my best friend a girl with a horse, red, white and blue sampler, patriotic angel God bless America.
For the Love of Cross Stitch
Leisure Arts July 1990
Instructions and Patterns for 30 Projects. Thoughts on being 40, Teddy Bear Parade, Baby shower gifts, southwest borders, animal motifs, heart and home sampler, happy cat, feline fantasy, gentle nativity, bread cloths and more.
Words of Love
Stoney Creek
This Instruction Pattern Book contains a variety of cross stitch charts for inspirational samplers.
Cross Stitch Sampler
Christmas 1991
Many exciting and innovative designs and patterns for Christmas Cross Stitch including hardanger ornaments, santa afghan, stocking designs and much more.

Crossstich16 $3.50

Crosstitch17 $3.50
Crossstitch18 $3.50
Crossstich19 $4.00
Crossstitch20 $3.50
Quick and Easy Cross Stitch
May 1991
Instructions For 22 Projects including, wedding stitchery country style, special sampler , sweet hearts for mother's day, baby animal borders, holiday flwer sachet pockets, scross stitch schoolhouse and many more delightful patterns.

Keepsake Cross Stitch
Instructions for a lovely selection of cross stitch patterns, 70 easy and original projects including, decorative accents and gift ideas, dazzling christmas stocking, bouquet heart pillow, tablecloth, home sampler, man in the moon pillow, memories of childhood sampler, pumpkin horn of plenty placemats, christmas ornaments, halloween decorations and so much more.
Country Stitch
March/April 1992
Instructions and Patterns for cute cookie cutter cutouts, Make a quick quilt, samplers, little sheep pillow, sheep picture, irish eyes sweatshirt, paper dolls in cross stitch, charming country apron in cross stitch and many more.
Just Cross Stitch
October 1992
This Instruction Pattern Book contains a variety of cross stitching patterns for colorful designs for thanksgiving, apple harvest afghan, a multitude of place cards to cross stitch, colonial fruit stack cross stitch and more great patterns.
Precious Moments Cross Stitch
Designs By Gloria and Pat
Many exciting Designs for Precious Moments in Cross Stitch. To My favorite Paw, he Joy of the Lord is my Strength, God Bless America, Just LIke Mommy, Little Blessings From Above and many many more.

CrossStitch21 $3.50

Crosstitch22 $3.50
CrossStitch23 $3.50
Crosstitch 24 $3.50
Crossstitch25 $5.00

Cross Stitch Super Book
Quick to stitch 72 projects. Wearing art sweatshirts and jewlry, projects for baby, projects for the bath and kitchen and many many more.

Candlewicking Monograms With Three Floral Motifs
100 Embroidery Stitches
Leisure Arts Blessed Thanksgiving Cross Stitch
Beginner's GUide to Cross Stitch on Linen

CrossStitch26 $3.50

Crosstitch27 $3.50
CrossStitch28 $3.50
CrossStitch29 $3.50
CrossStitch30 $3.50